Why I am not going for a Medium premium membership anytime soon!

Medium is a very attractive blogging platform for those who aspire to be a blogger or entrepreneur.
Once you have an article on Medium, you can utilise its traffic to boost the views through its internal article suggestions.
Your social syndication will be having additional support from Medium audience.

Only Medium Subdomains:

I wanted to move three of my blogs onto Medium when I saw that it was simple and effective. They gave the bad news that they are not going to allow custom domains anymore. That was a big letdown for me.

Not able to use your custom domains is basically pathetic. Even WordPress.com allows custom domains on a paid plan. I have no idea why Medium decided to go on that stupid path but it’s absolutely a shitty move.

Cannot read articles more than three articles a month:

They do suggest we take a medium membership to continue reading but the no custom domain thing really doesn’t help me in making my mind. Apart from reading, the membership doesn't give you any benefits. I hoped Medium to be an interactive blogging solution, but turns out it isn't.

They should have at least restricted to three articles a week rather than three a month.
Not only readers but also authors will be affected by the low views. If more people hop on board to write content, more people will get views from the content suggestions.

Also there is a weird issue where your comments will be seen as post sometimes.

Medium wants to be something different from WordPress but I think that restricting people to express their opinions is basically shooting yourself in the foot.

I hope Medium reconsiders its strategies and make blogging better for everyone. Custom domains and an option to read more articles per month for a monthly membership would be really appreciated from their end.