TinyChange Life Planner - Review after one month of usage

TinyChange Life Planner - Review after one month of usage

Planners are pretty much an overkill compared to ordinary dairies for regular things. If you have a goal to achieve or make a change in your life, then you need to execute a plan.

I've been looking for a planner to improve my life and set some goals for 2020. I came across TinyChange planner.

Disclaimer: I am writing this post after one month of use. I am not affiliated to the TinyChange team nor is this a sponsored post. All the opinions are mine.

Why TinyChange?
After going through a bunch of options, I've settled on TinyChange. The main reason is the monthly and weekly reviews that enable us to keep track of what we achieved and not.

There are some other planners available with monthly and weekly planners as well. This one is a 15-month planner which was what I was looking for.

It has a goal focused approach and helps you build a roadmap for 3 main goals. The goal roadmap is a useful tool to see how much you have achieved your tasks and what is pending on your end.

What’s in it?
The planner has various categories as follows:

1. Tiny Change Guide:
Some great tips to change your life and inculcate good habits go here. This is useful to go through before you start using the planner. Its like an introduction to the book.

2. Life Compass:
This is a part of self-reflection. It comprises of what you want to achieve, where you want to be in the future and what you like about yourself.

3. Goals Roadmap: Based on the compass above this reflects how you want to achieve those changes. It What’s your plan of action and what your goals. This is an important aspect of the book as well.

4. Monthly & Weekly planner: This is the best part of the planner I like. I wasn't looking for an ordinary dairy, I was looking for planner. This monthly and weekly sections enable us to select our workflow and make changes.

Look at your deadline for the task at hand and achieve them. It has daily schedule for a week that you can use to prioritize your work and goals.

5. Life kit:
This is more like a bucket list of your wishes. What you want to read, watch, buy and achieve will go here. Not a must have for a planner but useful to write what you have in mind.

How you want to use the planner is up to you. But I'd suggest you have a look at the guide section on how to use it.

I am not suggesting you buy TinyChange life planner. In fact, you can buy any planner that you like.

What matters the most is how you dedicate your time to it. Remember that you are contributing your time on a book that you can use to plan your life.

It's a new decade and new resolutions are a must for every one of us. To keep track of your resolutions and habits, a planner can help you out. So, go ahead and make a change.