Switching to a BlackBerry in 2020: First step in my Privacy Shift

Switching to a BlackBerry in 2020: First step in my Privacy Shift

BlackBerry Phones were once known to be one of the most secure and privacy respecting phones out there. After their adoption of Android, their downfall came much more quicker than anyone expected.

BlackBerry OS is privacy respecting and not very data hungry compared to Android and iOS. BlackBerry OS will not make anyone safer just by using their devices, but rather make things easier when it comes to privacy.

After years of using Android mobiles, I have finally decided to make the switch to BlackBerry.

I still love my Lumia but the Windows 10 Mobile simply isn't that privacy respecting either. Just like the Windows 10 desktop version, it is a privacy nightmare.

After careful consideration based on the options available, I made the choice for a BlackBerry Passport. BlackBerry 10.3 OS is the last version for their devices and a suitable choice for those have used Android.

It comes with the ability to install Android apps. Having a Jelly Bean run time underneath the BlackBerry 10 OS make things a bit better for users who want to switch from Android.

Not many apps support the old Jelly Bean runtime anymore, but it still gets the job done for many guys like me.

My main requirements for an Android runtime are two things.
1. WhatsApp groups: For office groups where people only use WhatsApp.
2. Google Maps: No equivalent replacement available.

Older versions of both these apps run perfectly on my BlackBerry Passport.

I am not killing my Samsung Galaxy: My Galaxy Note will still be used for Netflix and Amazon Music which are not possible on the BB Passport.
A few banking related apps are also needed. So I basically use the Android device without a sim card by connecting it to WiFi.

Overall I am loving the new experience switching to a BlackBerry. Many people say it's outdated and dead. Some even laugh at me.

It feels like a great catalyst for the shift from Android.

For me, the BlackBerry Passport simply gets the job done with some respect on my privacy and security.