My inspiration to start blogging - Neil Patel

My inspiration to start blogging - Neil Patel

I am going to write about the person who has inspired me to start blogging. I always had love for computers and the internet. I felt like having a journal of my own but never was confident enough to that because of the fear that I may not succeed. My initial google searches for starting a blog landed me into the world of SEO. While I was browsing through loads of pages trying to figure out blogging and SEO ,I happened to come across a sidebar ad about Neil Patel, thanks to Google’s targeting ads.

About the guy:

The first thing I have to say about him is his style of writing and the professionalism of his content. Neil Patel’s QuickSprout project and its infographics helped me in numerous ways on how to start blogging. Not only did I find the easiest ways to blog, but also the best profitable techniques. I started following his personal blog since it’s inception and it is the best guide to run a blog.

Neil’s style of writing is unique. The wit, fun and depth of content is not something everyone can manage to write. He grabs your attention by the end of the first paragraph of his content. He successfully helped many online companies to succeed. Plus I am from India, so I liked it more that he was a successful person from Indian origin.

Where to find him?

If you are planning to start a blog or want to improvise your blog, I recommend you visit Neil Patel’s Blog and start reading his guides. Don’t forget to subscribe because that’s where you are going to receive the best tips for blogging .

Thanks for the read, have a great day!