How to convert Black money into White Money: A practical guide for (Corrupt) Indians

Black Money has been the point of interest in India from the last two days. Thanks to the revolutionary 500 1000 rupee note demonetization policy of Modi led NDA government.

Lot’s of Indians are worrying if they’ll get their hands on the new notes of 500 and 2000 denominations. But there is much more to it. The main worries lie in the hearts of the corrupt people and the tax evaders.

Many Indians have evaded tax and stooped towards malpractices with the tax money. There are some corrupt officials and politicians that have stacked huge piles of black money as well. Their position is quite contrary to that of ordinary people.

As the announcement came after working hours and the deadline was midnight, no one had the chance to hide black money. The best they could do was get it transferred to benami’s or buy gold.

But what about the rest of te black money that’s hiding under the beds, in the walls or over the ceilings?

I’ll propose a solution to that. Which is “How to convert Black money to White money”

Before that let me tell you a few things that you should ask yourself. Have you ever helped someone to earn this money? Did you ever try to do something for the people or your relations in need? Did you ever try to make someone’s life better by contributing to it?

**Even thought you want to turn in your black money to the government, you’ll definitely incur a loss. So turning in your money to the government will not benefit. Don’t do it. **

Don’t burn the money either.

That being said, here are a few tricks that I am going to suggest to convert black money to white money.

1. Go to a Government Hospital:

There are several patients that need money to get treatment done. There are thousands of poor people who can’t even afford to buy medicines.

Heart problems, cancers, eye problems and other fatal problems. There are lot of people who can’t afford to get treatment. Help them get their life back. They’ll bless you and make you happier.

Your heart will definitely feel lighter when you actually responsible for someone living.

Buy some medicines for them. Pay for some hospital fees. Though it may sound funny, you are actually saving hundreds of lives. Think of how much good you are doing this one time by doing the right thing.

2. Buy some food for an orphanage:

There are many orphans who are being half fed due to lack of funds. You have the funds that you can’t use it any other way. So make sure you are using it for the right thing.

Donating some money to an orphanage will certainly make you happy because you are helping kids. When you see a  smile on a child’s face, it means you actually did something for him or her. Make them happy. Buy stuff for them and pay for their food.

3. Give it to your relatives IN NEED:

I am not saying benami’s. There are often some distant relative who you’ve always hated because they are poor. You can make them a bit rich by your one act of kindness.

Giveaway some money to help them or for their children’s education. They’ll remember you for their entire life because you have made their lives better.

4. Contribute for a clean surroundings:

Leading a luxurious life is okay but leading an unhealthy one isn’t. Pay some money to laborers and get your locality roads cleaned. Build some public toilets. Get some trees planted. Do what you can for the environment and your surroundings.

5. Give it to God:

The most easy and flexible option everyone follows these days. Whatever you have earned by illegal means is not out of your blood and sweat. So better give it back to god and fell sorry for any mistakes you made.

You can also arrange for any food by donating money to a temple.

6. Give it to your servants:

They have been helping you from a long time by dont you work. So why not reward them a bit more. Give them a few lakhs and make their life better. So that they can lead a life of dignity and don’t need to do any meager jobs anymore.

7. Give it to your employees:

Bonus is a really attractive term. Give lucrative bonus to your employees. They are the reason for your success after all.

8. Give to a girl child:

There are many girls who are left uneducated and unattended due to utter poverty. Pay for their education. Give some money and tell them to make an Fixed deposit in the girls name.

9. Help farmers:

They are the backbone of the country. Make them rich by giving away some money. They’ll be able to use it to repay thir loans or to grow new crops.

10. Offer a discount using a G.O:

Get a G.O from the Modi government and offer to to give discounts in your services. This will use money from your unnaccounted stash and cover the expenses the discounts will incur.

*These are just some of the ways you can help people when you have excess black money lying. *

The point is you need not burn your money or die in grief because your black money is not valid anymore. You have the chance to give back something to the people, environment and earn respect.

You can’t utilize the black money for profit anymore. Atleast use it do do good and shove off your bad name. It is really fortunate to become rich. It is much more fortunate to be able to help those who are in need.

God doesn’t come in the form of humans. Humans have to take the form of God to help each other. When you have everything, you should give atleast something to those who have nothing.

It’s always better to help someone and get recognised as a good samaritan than being a selfish and useless person. Think twice before you burn or waste that money.