Time to move my mobile number from Airtel to Reliance Jio!

Time to move my mobile number from Airtel to Reliance Jio!
*Airtel has been my default telecom operator choice since I’ve got my number from them. It was the best in coverage and offers at that time.*
Ever since Jio has disrupted the telecom industry everything changed. It has take the telecom industry by storm and brought itself lots of new users.
At first I was [skeptical about Reliance Jio](http://www.sameermanas.com/jio-india-call-drops/). I thought it may not be at par with others. But as time passed by, they upped their war against other operators which is a great thing.
The offers they are giving now, if they gave them before inception of Jio, wouldn’t every one in our country have access to internet?
The Telecom companies were filled with such greed that they never bothered to lower prices for customers.
![Airtel Jio move](http://res.cloudinary.com/sameermanas/image/upload/v1523174592/Airtel-Jio_gkan9l.jpg)
Internet was a dream to many people in Indian villages. But they couldn’t afford them due to the extravagant pricing. Jio has hit them(Telcos) all in the **** and brought them down to their knees.
I’ve liked Airtel because they offered some decent network and packages. They used be on top of every offering once upon a time.
Well, not anymore! I would have left Airtel about three months back had it not been for their surprise 30GB data offer for postpaid users. I’ve got 10GB extra each month for three months.
My 30GB surprise data is going to end by June 30th and I am going to move to Jio and enjoy their benefits.
**I am not sure how Ookla has rated Airtel to be fastest but I never have a standard connect on 4G. It keeps dropping every 5 minutes and that too in a city (Visakhapatnam). Well one can imagine how it would be in villages 🙁**
Jio may not provide a consistent connection as well like many users complain but at least they are providing good offerings in terms data, apps and much more.
Being a postpaid user of Airtel, I never had a decent offering from them except charging nightmare prices for minor overages. Jio gives you free TV, Music, Magazines and much more where in Airtel you still have to pay for each subscription service. That is outright greedy and foolish.
**If I am not wrong, most users in India have a second sim which is Jio. But for postpaid users like me, the number one sim is going to be Jio. Cause we pay a lot and we pay it on time making telecom operators successful.**
**Goodbye greedy Airtel! Hello Jio 🙂**